Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mustardy zebra

:) more teacher clothes! I love this color combo as well. Gray, mustard, and black. Sweater from modcloth, shoes from pay less, scarf from nordstrom, and amazing skinny dress pants from Francesca's!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring clothes!

Yeah so it's 39 degrees out today. Spring? Eh. I dunno. But yesterday it was in the 50s and rainy, so I'm gunna go with YES. (Because I'm so over winter...)

And so I'm wearing shoes that aren't winter boots! I love these cute little red boating shoes I got from ModCloth last spring. 

Also just threw on my favorite cardi from Francesca's over a red graphic tee. Nothing fancy, but I'm loving the color combination of navy and red. 

Need to go shopping for some new spring clothes! Especially since I'm going to Cancun in T-23 days!! I'm definitely in need of a cute floppy sun hat, fringe bikini, and some colorful strappy sandals. 

What's on your spring to-buy list?

Peace -