Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eerie Edibles

I like to celebrate the start of October by filling my candy buckets with my favorite Halloweeny treats!

First of all, these Palmer pumpkin coins!

And some candy eyeballs....

(How could I not take this ridiculous photo opportunity?)

And the classic, candy corn :)

What are your favorite Halloween candies??

- Ellen

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween Season

Halloween season has begun!

If you didn't know, Halloween is (BY FAR) my favorite time of year. While most people don't view Halloween as a "season," I certainly do. Christmas people get to revel in the "Christmas season," so it's only fair that we Halloween lovers get our "Halloween season," too!

In my neck of the woods, it's still sunny and 80 degrees outside. No matter. The date on my calendar says September 28, and that indicates that only TWO DAYS remain until the best month of all...October, of course! So forget about the fact that I had to wear shorts today....it's fall. That's all that matters.

And, to ring in fall, I couldn't resist making my *famous* pecan praline cookies.

Yummmm. And they taste even better than they look! Not to toot my own horn ;)

So, since it's Halloween season, expect regular entries on my blog. Plus, when October 1st rolls around, I may or may not be participating in a "31 Days of Halloween" challenge taking place right here on this page!

A few, but not all, of the things to look forward to on LOLlen this month:
  • Halloween gingerbread [haunted] house
  • Monster masks with creepy eyeballs
  • Pumpkin spice puppy chow
  • Festive cupcakes
  • And more!
So stop in throughout the Halloween *season* for tons of fun crafts, recipes, and party tips :)

- Ellen