Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY Costume: Ewok!

I know it's not even close to Halloween, so, why, you may wonder, am I wearing this crazy costume? Well, my friends and I had an event last night where we all dressed up as something beginning with our first initial. So, naturally, I chose to be Ewok Ellen.

If you love furry little Star Wars creatures and you need an easy and funny Halloween costume, this may just be the perfect costume for you.

  • Headband
  • Brown fur (Comes in a small package at craft stores)
  • A yard of burnt orange fabric
  • Brown top
  • Brown/black bottoms (Leggings)
  • Brown/black shoes (I just wore moccasins)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • Eyeliner/black or brown face paint
  • Spear (Or jank spear made of cardboard, like mine)
 How To:

For the ears: 
  • Cut out two ear-shaped pieces of cardboard (Mine were like 3'' tall. Pretty tall.)
  • Cut small pieces of brown fur to cover both sides of the ears
  • Hot glue the fur to the cardboard ears. Press the fur together on both sides to cover the outside edges.
  • Hot glue both ears to a little black headband. Make sure they're secure! (Lots of glue!)
For the hood:
  • Drape the fabric over your head. 
  • Have a friend trace your face with pencil. 
  • Cut out the hole, starting smaller than you think it should be. (You can always make it bigger, but not smaller!)
  • Cut diagonally across the front of the fabric to create a draped appearance.
  •  Trim the back to be a little shorter and get rid of any superfluous fabric.
Putting it together:
  • Put the hood on and the headband over it.
  • Mark with pencil where the ears will stick out.
  • Cut slits where the ears will stick out.
  • To put on the costume, put the ears on first, then the hood, letting them stick out through the slits. 
Final touches:
  • Add a little eyeliner ewok nose!
  • Carry your spear with pride.
  • Practice the ewok language.
*                *                *                *                *                *
Hope this was helpful to all of the aspiring ewoks out there. Try not to end up like these out-of-control little dudes on the Today Show. And have a happy Halloween :)

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