Friday, August 30, 2013

Yipes! This week's pits and peaks.

Holy cow. I've had some super happy times this week, as well as some very sad ones.

Peaks: I've been overjoyed to be reunited with my SH and sorority friends. I absolutely love so many people at this school and I hope to get closer to all of them this year! I've even met some new friends, many of them being new SH members. I'm so happy to have my two families here at school :) Also, I have almost finished adding the finishing touches to my room decor. I really like it! And I think my housing situation is going to work out really well.

Pits: Homesickness really set in a few nights ago. Perhaps it's silly for someone my age to miss my own bed, my cat, and my parents...but I definitely still do. All the time! Especially in these first few weeks in Btown. It's just so hard to feel at home sometimes. But I think I may be starting to. Also, my freaking WEIGHT has been keeping me down. I'm not sticking to my plans. I'm eating and drinking a foolish amount of calories. WHYYYY. Hopefully I'll find a balance sometime soon. Because I already gained back 3 pounds and I would like to re-lose it instantly please. So upsetting, especially after how hard I worked to lose those pounds.

In other news, happy 3 day weekend! I'm going to spend most of it doing homework. Oh, hello, 19 credit hours...

Hope to blog again soon!

Til then,

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School Health Updates

Hi there :) I'm officially settled into my Btown abode, which is cute and great in every way. I've reunited with most of my friends. I'm ready for another fun school year to begin!

What's a little more difficult is settling into a new way of eating, drinking, exercising, and living. I was so acclimated to my summer routines that it's been tough adjusting to the college lifestyle. I've exercised the past two days as well as planned out my full week of exercising. I plan to attend a group exercise class every day this week except Sunday! I haven't weighed myself since arriving, and that makes me a little nervous, but I'm going to give myself a full week of healthiness before trying that again.

I've also tried to schedule and plan healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I've stocked the kitchen with fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks :)

I'm just hoping that the stress and busy-ness of school doesn't force me into ordering out or skipping workouts. I tend to be pretty good at scheduling and time management, but when you add a social life and extracurriculars into the mix, that becomes a pretty challenging task.

Anyhow, classes start tomorrow and then I'll really start to get into the swing of things. Can't wait!

How are you staying healthy at school this year?


Monday, August 19, 2013


Oh hello there. I'm BACK!

If you're reading LOLlen for the first time, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ellen! A college girl who loves to sing, write, and draw with sidewalk chalk.

I just had an incredibly transformative summer. If you would care to hear all about it, feel free to visit my summer blog by clicking here!

The reason I'm a beautiful butterfly is because I just emerged from the safety of my little cocoon. I'm about to return to college after three months at home. I had a ton of fun things to do, and very little to worry about. I'm thrilled to be going back at school, but I'll definitely have a lot more on my plate! Also, I did undergo a big transformation this summer, physically and emotionally. But...I'm not really at beautiful butterfly status yet. (Yeah, that's a status now.) Because my journey is still going on!

I'm very into fitness at the moment. I've lost about 14 pounds and I've got about 15 more to lose before reaching my ultimate goal weight. So, this blog will definitely focus a lot on health and fitness!

But, there's more to look forward to!

I plan on blogging all about fashion, friends, DIYs, recipes, celebrations, and whatever else pops into my crazy little brain.

I look forward to continuing my blog, and I hope you'll enjoy all of the whacky things I post :)

Your's truly,