Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Questionnaire

1. Do you / does your family celebrate Halloween? If no, for what reason?
Yes! We love Halloween. We've always gone to fall festivals and haunted houses, decorated our house, and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. It's the best.

2. Are you attracted to spooky & macabre things naturally? 

Yes! I'm a big fan of scary movies and the supernatural in general.

3. What has been your favorite costume you have ever worn? 
There have been quite a few great ones. But this one tops the list:
I'm the waffle.

4. At what age did you / do you plan to stop trick-or-treating, or participating in Halloween at all? 
I think the last time I went was in 8th grade. But I will ALWAYS participate in Halloween!!

5. Do you feel like less & less people participate in Halloween nowadays compared to when you were a kid? 

In my neighborhood, yes. Because most of the kids are grown up now. But in general, I think the holiday is growing every year!

6. Have you ever bobbed for apples? Were you successful? 

Yep. My record was less than 1.5 seconds.

7. Hypothetically speaking, if you had a child [too young to make their own decisions], what would you dress him / her up as? 

This is a very big decision. I can't wait to make my future baby's first Halloween costume. Maybe a baked potato.

8. Do you intend to take your children trick-or-treating, if ever you have any? 


9. What is the coolest jack-o-lantern you have ever seen? 

I've seen some of Ray Villafane's in person at the state fair. Like this one:
So cool!

10. What did you usually use to collect your candy in? 

A pillowcase.

11. Were there any creepy houses that you refused to go to, or weren’t allowed to go? 
There was one especially scary house in our neighborhood. It was AMAZING. Plus, they gave us a ton of candy, a can of soda, and a toy every year.

12. What was your favorite candy to get? What about your least favorite? 

Anything full-size. And I loved getting Twix bars!

13. Did you ever receive anything that wasn’t candy? 

One house gave out glow sticks every year. Other than that, I've gotten soda, toys, goodie bags, and, once, a Beanie Baby.

14. Have you ever been to a Halloween costume party? 

Maybe a few.

15. Are you good at carving pumpkins?
I can do the easier patterns! I love it!

16. Have you ever carved a really extensive pumpkin, or were they always simple carvings? 
That Tigger one was probably the hardest I've done!

17. Did you ever go on hayrides as a kid? 

Yep! We went to the Headless Horseman festival every year for the haunted hayride.

18. What has so far been your greatest Halloween experience? 

Impossible to say. One of the most fun Halloween memories I have was scaring trick-or-treaters with a big group of my friends in high school. We had dummies all over the yard, but one was really a person who'd jump up and scare the little kids!

19. Have you ever encountered a house with a bucket of candy outside on their porch with a sign saying only to take a certain amount each? If so, did you take more than it said? If not, would you take more than it said if you did see such a thing? 

Only empty buckets!

20. What is your favorite Halloween / horror movie? 

So hard to choose. Non-scary favorites are Nightmare and Hocus Pocus. Scary favorites are probably Halloween and Friday the 13th.

21. Has anything ever scared you on Halloween? 

Josh once jumped out of the darkness in my garage after a scary movie and Halloween bonfire.

22. Are you more interested in cute, funny, “sexy”, or scary costumes? 

All of the above :) I like clever costumes.

23. Have you, or anyone you know, dressed as a Harry Potter character? 

Nope. Only for homecoming week.

24. What color do you most relate to Halloween?

Orange. Black. Purple and green.

25. Have you ever been through a corn maze? Was it difficult & / or scary?

Every year :) So fun!

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