Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's October! Time to decorate...

October 1st is one of my favorite days of the year! It means my favorite month, leading up to my favorite holiday, has arrived at last!

My October 1st traditions include: Putting up most of my decorations, listening to Halloween music, drinking cider, baking those Pillsbury pumpkin sugar cookies, and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I also went to Target to buy some candy for my Halloween candy jars, black and green light bulbs, batteries, and a few other Halloween essentials :)

Here are some photos from my decorating sesh yesterday:

The hook on our ceiling was perfect for this guy! (Which I got on Nov. 1st last year for under $20!)

Witches, rats, spiders, and skulls. And my Halloween block countdown!

Our coffee table. Complete with skull goblets, a coffin, and a severed hand.

Some stickers and a mad scientist.

Stanley was intrigued by our new dinner guest! I also put out some Halloween place mats and light-up pumpkins.

Skull, witch, and vampire stakes in the yard!

A giant arachnid and some orange LED lights. October perfection.

I'll be putting more up throughout the month! Can't wait to transform our little house into a haunted mansion!


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