Friday, August 30, 2013

Yipes! This week's pits and peaks.

Holy cow. I've had some super happy times this week, as well as some very sad ones.

Peaks: I've been overjoyed to be reunited with my SH and sorority friends. I absolutely love so many people at this school and I hope to get closer to all of them this year! I've even met some new friends, many of them being new SH members. I'm so happy to have my two families here at school :) Also, I have almost finished adding the finishing touches to my room decor. I really like it! And I think my housing situation is going to work out really well.

Pits: Homesickness really set in a few nights ago. Perhaps it's silly for someone my age to miss my own bed, my cat, and my parents...but I definitely still do. All the time! Especially in these first few weeks in Btown. It's just so hard to feel at home sometimes. But I think I may be starting to. Also, my freaking WEIGHT has been keeping me down. I'm not sticking to my plans. I'm eating and drinking a foolish amount of calories. WHYYYY. Hopefully I'll find a balance sometime soon. Because I already gained back 3 pounds and I would like to re-lose it instantly please. So upsetting, especially after how hard I worked to lose those pounds.

In other news, happy 3 day weekend! I'm going to spend most of it doing homework. Oh, hello, 19 credit hours...

Hope to blog again soon!

Til then,

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