Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School Health Updates

Hi there :) I'm officially settled into my Btown abode, which is cute and great in every way. I've reunited with most of my friends. I'm ready for another fun school year to begin!

What's a little more difficult is settling into a new way of eating, drinking, exercising, and living. I was so acclimated to my summer routines that it's been tough adjusting to the college lifestyle. I've exercised the past two days as well as planned out my full week of exercising. I plan to attend a group exercise class every day this week except Sunday! I haven't weighed myself since arriving, and that makes me a little nervous, but I'm going to give myself a full week of healthiness before trying that again.

I've also tried to schedule and plan healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I've stocked the kitchen with fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks :)

I'm just hoping that the stress and busy-ness of school doesn't force me into ordering out or skipping workouts. I tend to be pretty good at scheduling and time management, but when you add a social life and extracurriculars into the mix, that becomes a pretty challenging task.

Anyhow, classes start tomorrow and then I'll really start to get into the swing of things. Can't wait!

How are you staying healthy at school this year?



  1. Eating fruit and veggies! But still having Wright donuts sometimes :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, cute stuff!