Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Spooky Fall Break!

Josh and I went home for fall break and had a truly wonderful time. We squeezed in as many fall activities as possible! Pumpkin carving, haunted house, apple orchard, Headless Horseman festival, caramel apples, cider, and a family viewing of "Casper!" It doesn't get any better than that. 

 I've been so busy and distracted lately that my Halloween cooking and crafting has taken a backseat (which is never okay!) This weekend I will definitely be making some Halloween treats, so I'll share the recipe ASAP! Apologies!

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9. Do you believe in witchcraft? I suppose some people practice it, but it's nothing I'm too worried about...
10. Best costume you’ve ever worn: Most likely, my Eggo waffle costume in 7th grade. Haha!
11. Favorite candy: Reese's! Of course.
12. How you act when watching a scary movie: I'm typically not too scared. I usually giggle at the scariest parts!
13. Best pumpkin carving you’ve done: My Tigger pumpkin was super cute. Probably my favorite.
14. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? I do, I do!

15. Halloween decoration tips: Get creative and decorate with things you already have! I used to make a great display using Stephen King books, classic horror movie cases, and a bag of spiderwebs from the dollar store. Great decorating doesn't have to be pricy!

Wishing you the spookiest of Wednesdays,

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