Friday, May 23, 2014

Fab Friday

I got a great workout in by hiking [for several hours] around a beautiful art trail with Josh! The highlight of it, for me, was seeing "Funky Bones," a work of art made [semi]famous by the book The Fault in Our Stars. 

Another "feel good" moment of the day occurred at my local Starbucks. I experienced their chocolate smoothie [nonfat of course] and it was soooo yummy. It's not the healthiest per say, but it does have whey, a banana, and fiber powder [what's fiber powder?]

I'm getting stir crazy being home. I miss my crazy[ish] life back at school. I have enjoyed watching "Breaking Bad" and hanging out with my cat. But there are so many things in Btown that I miss. Which isn't my usual summer mentality. Maybe that place is growing on me. Can't believe I have to say goodbye to it so soon.

Anyhow, camp planning starts next week! Can't wait to get out of the house and go back to the job I love.

Enjoy your Friday!

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