Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Fiasco

Today involved some kayaking, some walking, and some scrumptious peach upside down cake.

Josh and I decided to turn my one-seater kayak into a two-seater by squeezing in together. It started off fine. Smooth sailing. Then, catastrophe struck. Our rudder was broken or something (?) so, despite our best efforts, we couldn't row our way back to shore. We just kept going in circles. We were STRANDED!

Well, luckily, we weren't really stranded. There was a dock sort of in our circular path. So, we ran straight into it, which was our only option at the time. We braced ourselves for a flip. But, miraculously, we were able to grab on to the dock and jump out unscathed. We did have to carry the rather heavy kayak and oar quite a distance back to the car. But hey! At least we weren't wet and covered in murky lake gunk.

That's my story. Certainly spiced up my day :)

Have a great Saturday evening, and Memorial Day weekend!


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