Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's May 13th!

It's our anniversary today! 6 years of dating bliss :) A special day to remember how we met, how we have changed over the years, and how we have grown to love each other more and more each day. I am so thankful for my amazing relationship :)

Tasty Tuesday is supposed to be about me creating a healthy snack or recipe, but, today was a special day, so my tastiness came from my delectable dinner at The Melting Pot. So. Delicious.

My workout of the day was a 30-minute Cardio Kickboxing session from the irritatingly named "Sport Skool" thing on my On Demand. Good session! I love kickboxing, so I enjoyed it. Tomorrow, since it is going to be rainy yet again, I have to do another basement workout. When will the day come when I can run outside??

Sleepy, so I'm going to bed a little early. Tomorrow is Workout Wednesday, so I'll be sure to kick it up a notch or try something funky, like maybe Pilates!


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