Monday, May 12, 2014

The earth without art is just "Eh."

I did one of my very favorite things today! Chalk! I didn't do any major artwork, but I did a few monograms, which I copied from the Lilly Pulitzer app. I want to work on texts and words more in the future! I usually stick to cartoons, but I have always loved letters. (I realize that I'm speaking as if I'm an actual chalk artist. Let it be known that the only people who see my chalk art are my next-door neighbors and Facebook friends. Haha.)

The times I'm drawing with chalk are some of the only times I like to be alone. I usually can't stand it. My mom makes fun of me to this day about how I'd cry when my friends left the morning after a sleepover because I hated the feeling of being alone without my loved ones! But, when I'm drawing, or--even better--singing, I don't really feel alone. The arts have always brought me such joy, and I hope that, even though they aren't the main focus of my career, I will be given the freedom to incorporate them daily in my teaching. Art saved me as a kid. Really. And I'm so happy when I get the chance to draw or sing or dance. A day with one of those things in it is usually a good day.

*              *              *              *              *

 That was my mindful moment of the day :) I'm proud of myself because I got out of my laziness rut and started working hard again. The idea of doing a workout DVD just seemed so awful to me, so I decided to try one of the On Demand workouts on my basement TV. It was in a series called "Sport Skool" (which makes me cringe. That's not even clever) and it's kind of a kickboxing/dancey cardio session that's an hour long. I did 45 minutes. 

I probably should've just gone ahead and finished, but all the chasse-ing and the arabesque-ing just made me feel like an idiot. Like, HONESTLY. I'm not a great dancer, but I'm okay, like I've taken lessons and done musicals before. But it was just silly. I don't need to do a Broadway dance audition to get my cardio in, so stop making me, silly Sport Skool lady! I felt like she was Brooke Wyndham and I was that lady in the bend-and-snap scene with the blue jumpsuit. (I'M SO GLAD THIS GIF EXISTS)

But, I burned 420 calories in 45 minutes. So, good job, Brooke. And I did a wonderful job limiting my calories today. I indulged in a beautiful iced (nonfat) caramel macchiato, so that was my treat for the day. But, other than that, my choices were pretty nutritious!

Tomorrow is a special day I can't wait to blog about.


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