Sunday, April 8, 2012

Craft: Kool-Aid Easter Eggs!

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs!!

Look at those beauties :)

Okay, so all the instructions are right here: Click here!

But, basically, I just mixed different kinds of Kool-Aid together (with water) to get vibrant, pretty colors.
  • The red ones are just plain cherry Kool-Aid.
  • The pink ones are pink lemonade with some added cherry. (They're really more of a salmon color, but it was my favorite!)
  • The orange ones are orange with some added cherry.
  • Some of the yellow ones are lemonade mixed with orange, but they were pretty light. So most of the yellow ones are just yellow food coloring :)
  • We couldn't find any green, blue, or purple Kool-Aid, so we just used vinegar and Paas tablets for those. 
Here's a picture of them before they were meticulously positioned in the basket:

Happy Easter! :)

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