Monday, April 2, 2012

LOLlen: Pilot

Hi! I'm Ellen and this is my first blog post! Woohoooo.

I was helping my boyfriend Josh write a letter of recommendation today and I realized how much I really miss writing. The thought took me back to my middle school days when Xanga was all the rage and I could blog out all my feelings on a day-to-day basis. Now that social networks demand that we use pithy statements instead of detailed descriptions, I find it much harder to share my random thoughts and personal anecdotes online.

So! Here's my remedy. Hopefully I will get used to this website and have a successful, and hopefully somewhat interesting blog.

Enjoy :)

Also -

The little bar at the top includes a few pages you might wanna check out!
* About Me - Stuff about me...
* Chalk Art - A few photos of some of my chalk drawings.
* My Links - Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. (I heart Pinterest!!)
* My Photos - A few pictures that describe my personality!
* Recipes - In the future, when I do attempt recipes, they will be posted here!

Posts to come:
* End of my freshman year + Associated emotions
* My attempts at Pinterest recipes (some healthy, some just tasty)
* Adventures in camp counselor-ing
* And more!

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