Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Maker!

You know how I started this blog because I missed writing? And because I really love writing?

Well, I finally got the opportunity (the first all school year) to write a real paper. It was for my child development class. And I sent my teacher my first draft so she could comment on it and possibly recommend some changes so I'd get a better final grade on it.

I was so happy when she responded with the changes as well as a really nice comment at the end!

"Ellen- Wowowowowowowowowowowow! I am so impressed by the quality of your writing. Your paper was very refreshing from what I am used to reading and was truly a joy to read. You are an amazing writer and the way in which you structure your sentences and get your ideas out is beautiful. I hope you know how talented you are. Make these minor edits and send this back to me."

Not being show-offy! I just wanted to share with you guys how happy that made me, and to let you know about how it re-instilled my love of writing. I'm glad that my concentration is going to be in English, because I know the creative writing and literature classes will just be so satisfying for me. And I'm really excited!

Anyway. Thought I'd share. Have a wonderful day :)

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