Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dream, Create, Love, Chalk!

The weather was really nice today, so I finally got a chance to chalk for a little while. I saw a photo on Pinterest a little while ago (This one!) that really inspired me, so I tried to semi-recreate it/put my own spin on it:

I often get asked what kind of chalk I use. This is my favorite kind:

It's very bright! And, though not as soft and malleable as the traditional pastel green/pink/blue/yellow kind that comes in a cheapo box, still easy to draw with. For thin black outlines and other small details, I use this stuff:

(Note: the black does take a while to wash off, and sometimes leaves permanent stains, so be wary if you like your driveways/sidewalks clean and pristine!)

For more of my chalk art, go to the Chalk Art page on the top bar :)

Not much else went on today. The most exciting thing about my life right now is the special menu in the cafeteria this week...(Alfredo pizza...mm...) Thrilling. I know.

I'm pretty excited to go home for Easter this weekend. I'm going to try dying my eggs with Kool-Aid this year. Apparently it works wonders? I'll letcha know. I'm not exactly an egg artist, but I do enjoy drawing my name on them with white crayon :)

(From Easter 2008)

I'd also like to make some adorable Easter cupcakes I saw on one of my fave websites Skinnytaste! Not that I'll need any more sweets after the Easter Bunny visits me. But I'm clearly not going to pass up an opportunity to improve on my cupcake-baking skills. If I attempt it I will be sure to post my results. Though I'm sure at this point my readership consists of just Josh and I. Heh :)

Anyway, have a nice Tuesday evening. Time for Jeopardy and Idol :)

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  1. Not just you and Josh! :)

    I <3 me some Skinnytaste.