Monday, April 9, 2012

Food Survey :)

Not much to report today, so here's a random food survey. Haha.

40 Food This-or-That Questions Survey

Coke or pepsi? - blehhh.
Lemonade or fruit punch? - lemonade.
Carmel apple or cotton candy? - caramel apple.
Butterfinger or Snickers? - snickers.
Pudding or jello? - pudding. but i love jello, too.
Turkey or chicken? - turkey!
American or Provolone cheese? - provolone.
Crackers or cookies? - um, duh, cookies.
Pretzels or chips? - chips.
Mexican or Japanese? - mexican, unless it's benihana.
Chinese or Italian? - italian.
Beef or chicken? - chicken, i guess. it's more versatile.
Pie or cake? - cake.
Ice cream or cookies? - ice cream.
Pasta or pizza? - pasta.
Soda or juice? - soda.
Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles? - bar.
Apples or bananas? - bananas.
Grapes or peaches? - grapes.
Rice or noodles? - noodles.
Salad or soup? - salad.
Buttered or salted popcorn? - buttered?
Cauliflower or broccoli? - broccoli, cauliflour is gross.
Onion rings or french fries? - french fries.
Burger or hot dog? - burger.
Popsicle or ice cream? - ice cream.
Chocolate or strawberry ice cream? - chocolate!
McDonalds or Burger King? - icky. but the fries are better at mcdonald's.
Wendy's or Steak and Shake? - STEAK&SHAKE :)
Dairy Queen or McDonalds? - dairy queennnn!
Blizzard or McFLurry? - blizzard. strawberry cheesequake, please.
Sausage or bacon? - bacon, but i'm not a huge fan of either.
Fried or poached eggs? - ew, eggs.
Waffles or pancakes? - pancakes.
Crepes or pancakes? - pancakes.
Hashbrowns or roasted potatoes? - hashbrowns.
Diet or regular soda? - regular.
Orange or pear? - orange.
Oatmeal or cereal? - cereal. especially captain crunch, omg.
Marinara or meat sauce? - marinara.

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