Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Few Days of Freshman Year

Hey! I have had a busy week with lots of events and studying, so haven't had much of a chance to update.

I finished all of my classes :) Now I've just got one final per day Monday, Tuesday, and Wedneday to get through before I'm donnnneeee!

It has been a pretty fun weekend. Josh, Brittany, and I went to see The Five Year Engagement Friday night.

(So funny.)

It was sooo good. Really funny and well-written.

Then, last night, we went to Mother Bear's for pizza (YUMM) and then went to see IU's Straight No Chaser's spring concert. I <3 a cappella :)

Today, I've just been doing a little studying and hanging out. I am so ready to go home!!

Can't wait for Wednesday :) Adios!

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