Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Journeys, Fiascos, and Adventures

HI! Life is so good. The last few days have been nice. I haven't had much to do, so I actually have free time!!

On Monday, Josh and I went on a long journey to the registrar's office. (It's really not that long a journey normally, we just happened to take the LONGEST way possible.) Of course, when we got there, we found out I needed to wait one more day. And I could do it over the phone.


To quell our frustrations, we got frozen yogurt from Campus Candy. Yum. And that place is so cool! The walls are lined with different types of candy, and they even have cheesecake and cupcakes. Might be fun to bring my family there sometime. (Also, I just used the word 'quell'. Who does that? Me. All the time.) ANYWAY - 

Yesterday, we went to a Singing Hoosiers rehearsal and met one of the candidates for the new director position. It was followed by a Q&A reception, which was fun, but, uh...long. I'm really curious to see what happens in the future for the Singing Hoosiers...I hope traditions and family are still important, even after leadership shifts to the new guy. Whoever it may be.

Today was the scheduling fiasco.

Okay, first of all, I am cursed when it comes to scheduling. Even if I have everything planned out, something is bound to go wrong. Today, I had to make so many phone calls it was just plain silly. At one point, I called the instructor of a class, who told me to call an advisor, who told me to call the registrar, who told me to call the department of education....Yeah. So, finally, I got into the classes I wanted. I'm still waiting on one instructor's permission, but, aside from that, I'm all set.

My classes sound pretty good! Luckily, I'll be able to sleep in a little bit more every day. And on one day my first class is at 1pm (Chyesss.) 

I'm taking geology (learning about rocks), intro to scientific inquiry (digging up rocks in the Jordan creek), movement and expression for preschool and elementary children (Gymboree?), more child psychology, and more teaching elementary math. And Singing Hoosiers. And also, field experience on Friday afternoons.

I'm really excited for a fresh start and some great classes next year!

So, after the fiasco, Josh and I adventured to Chipotle for the first time :)

(I love guacamole!!)

Aaand I accidentally ate his burrito instead of mine. Oops. 

But, I really liked it! I think the meat was really high quality, and the chips had a really nice corny taste and weren't completely coated in salt. But, I have to say, I'll always be a Qdoba kinda girl.

Off to do some homework and watch American Idol.

Enjoy your evening! 

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