Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hippity Hoppity :)

Happy Easter, everyone!!

(Easter crafts!)

I've had a lovely weekend at home so far. Friday night was spent at Josh's with an awesome Easter dinner including these Czech pastries, which I can never remember the name of.


On Saturday, we took an afternoon stroll with my mom to Patachou to get some delicious omelets for brunch! Yum!

Then, the crafting began. We made some cute bird's nest cupcakes and a basket full of colorful Easter eggs! 

Josh and I also watched a 2-hour documentary about Lady Gaga ("Oprah's Next Chapter"). We would do something like that. Ha. Even I'll admit it was a little too long. But I enjoyed it.

Then we settled down to a steak dinner and a few rounds of Tripoley with my parents :)

Today, I plan on eating a few more Reese's eggs, helping my mom cook dinner, hopefully visiting Josh's family for a little while, feasting on turkey and stuffing, and then heading back to IU :(

It's going to be a busy, busy week. I have a project due on Wednesday, a giant final presentation on Thursday, and, after that, a finite test. 

(Me. Clearly.)

Anyway, check out the posts I've linked and have a great Easter! :)

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